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Speedgatz is a specialized company engaged in providing the most comprehensive product range of Vehicular access, Pedestrian access and Parking solutions to residential, commercial & industrial users. The company is dedicated to ensure the safety of people whether they are at home, around the home or outside the home. The skill, technology and international expertise of Speedgatz allows it to offer an unrivalled quality of products and services to its customers across the globe.

“Speedgatz doesn’t just deliver a product, it delivers an experience.”


Products & Solutions

Old ways won’t open new gates!

Vehicular Access Management from Speedgatz helps in improving the quality of life by simplifying everyday movements. Step into a convenient and comfortable lifestyle with extensive range of vehicular access products. It is time to adopt the futuristic and hassle-free technology for your entrance.

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A modern approach to urban mobility!

With a plethora of cars on the road, it gets bothersome to locate a parking spot every time we travel out. An advance parking system from Speedgatz helps the user to identify and reserve parking spots in advance. It also assists the management in generating substantial revenues & helps in keeping track of the number of vehicles parked in real-time along with the information of the traveller.

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One person at a time!

Pedestrian Access Management products ensure quick and controlled access into restricted areas. Integration of Speedgatz’s pedestrian access products with biometric equipment ensures automatic & quick clearance while keeping accurate entrance records.

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A Special Year For Us

Speedgatz is on the path of accelerated growth with our dedication and hard work. Our focus is not just to provide you with a solution but to keep you coming back for more. This year especially has been immensely fruitful with our global expansion efforts. Speedgatz has successfully acquired new dealers and distributors hence strengthening our roots worldwide and increasing the capacity to serve you even better.


One Global Brand

Most comprehensive product range and parking solutions for residential, commercial & industrial use
Worldwide Network

Worldwide Network

Speedgatz have successfully acquired new dealers and distributors across the world, increasing the capacity to serve you even better.

Planning and Strategy

Planning and Strategy

When we get brief from our clients there are often financial or geographical or space constraints. While we swear by quality in our work

Test and Deliver

Test and Deliver

Our products are made with the best quality material that undergoes various levels of quality checks before they are approved for manufacturing.

Speedgatz provides most comprehensive product range of Vehicular, Pedestrian and Parking solutions to residential, commercial & industrial users.
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