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Tripod Turnstile-stt-1000


Speedgatz Waist height/Tripod turnstile Model STT – 1000 is an ideal solution to control & restrict access to one person at a time with a set of rotating tripod barrier arms. It offers an optimal entrance control solution for places with high pedestrian flows besides complementing the aesthetics of the surroundings. STT 1000 is an innovative, robust, space saving, reliable and an economic solution for managing high traffic volumes. It can be operated with the help of Push button, Wired/Wirelees remote control and can be integrated with any biometric equipment.

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  • Indoor /Outdoor use
  • Flow Rate- 30 persons/min
  • Operations-Push button
  • Access Control
  • Long service life
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Electronically controlled passage in both direction
  • Available in Automatic or Semi- Automatic Version
  • Free or locked configuration
  • Self-centering mechanism
  • Counter available (Optional)
  • Wings reset automatically after each pass
  • Uni/Bi directional
  • LED Indication
  • Audible Alarm
  • 3 x 120 degree rotor arms
  • Drop Arm feature available

Tripod Turnstiles are used at a wide variety of places including :

  • Stadiums
  • amusement parks
  • mass transit stations
  • office lobbies
  • airports
  • Embassies
  • factories
  • power plants
  • commercial complexes
  • Sports complexes
  • Research organizations etc.

Model STT-1000
Mechanism Automatic or Semi- Automatic Version
Standard Housing AISI 304*
Rotor Configuration 3 x 120 degree
Housing Dimension(w x d x h ) 490x270x990mm
Flow Rate(Pass per min) 30 persons/min**
Passage width 550-600 mm
IP Rating IP 54
Power Supply 100-240 V,50 Hz
Power Consumption 30 W
MCBF 5 Million Cycle
Duty Cycle Continuous use
Operating Temperature in Celsius & Relative Humidity -30 + 70 degree celsius, 95% maximum
Input Signal 12 V dry contact, RS 485 TCP/IP
Compatibility With all Kind of Access Control & Security Systems

*Available housing on request- AISI 316/Powder Coating

** Flow rate may vary depending upon type of readers