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Tyre killer


Speedgatz high security tyre killers flat type/hump type are manufactured from heavy guage steel and designed to provide uni/bidirectional traffic control. The robust spikes of the tyre killer punctures the tyres of the intruding vehicle thereby stopping it immediately. It can be operated with the help of push button, wireless remote control or with an access control system. It can also get integrated with boom barrier so that with every operation when the barrier goes up the tyre killer goes down giving an authorized access to the vehicle.

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The Application areas of such tyre killer includes areas of high security concerns:

  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Hotels
  • Government Facilities
  • Sports Complexes
  • Recreational Areas
  • Airports
  • Embassies

Model HTK 6000/MTK-6000
Drive Unit Electro- Hydraulic/Electro-Mechanical
Blocking width 2000- 6000mm
Spikes Height 150-200 mm (Customizable)
Blocking Angle 60 degree or 90 degree(Customizable)
Axle Load 50 tonnes
Opening/Closing time 1-2 sec (Adjustable)
Housing Material of construction Galvanized Mild steel
Spikes Material of construction AISI-304
Distance Between Spikes 100 mm
IP Rating IP 67
Power Supply 230 VAC ,50 Hz
MTBF 10 Million Cycle
Duty Cycle 100%
Operating Temperature in Celsius & Humidity -40 + 70 degree celsius, 95%
Emergency Lowering Manual Key/Hand Pump
Standard Colour Black & Yellow
Compatibility With all Kind of Access Control & Security Systems
  • Loop Detector
  • Remote Control
  • Traffic Light
  • Key-switch override
  • Siren
  • Safe Beam Sensor
  • Flashing light